BAWER Museum offers museum installations capable of preserving in time the value of the materials to be stored, also paying particular attention to the aesthetic result, in order to guarantee the perfect integration of BAWER products with the surrounding environment.

BAWER Museum offers products and services based on the needs of organisations, designers and businesses which operate in the field of Cultural Heritage, where an articulated liaison between the most refined traditional techniques and the high-tech solutions is required.

Several important museums have already chosen our products, which are considered particularly suitable for the safety and protection of historic artefacts.

BAWER specialises in the manufacture of steel components and artefacts with all types of finishes, alloys and thicknesses.

We collaborate with a specialised network of partners in order to manufacture furnishings, components and installations which envisage the integrated use of other materials such as fine wood, glass and lighting systems.

Thanks to this thorough research and design path, BAWER Museum products offer excellent standards of quality, value, aesthetic rigor, functionality and reliability.

This is how our “skill as custodians” began.



The strengths of the BAWER Museum products

• burglar-safe

• air-tight display areas

• internal microclimate control with passive system

• easy maintenance

• ergonomic and easy to use

• cleanliness and simplicity of the exhibition media

• lighting system designed to enhance the artefacts

• high product customisation

• use of materials and processes complying with current regulations

• finishes with certified paints to guarantee protection and longer life time